Looking for some hang outs around bangalore.....

Here are some places which i visited and updating information based on my experience during visiting the places.

Around 90km from bangalore on the way through kanakpura road is a cool hang out. Carry eatables and lots of water as once reach you need to park the vehicle and cross the river after which no eatables would be available. carry a bag as lots of monkeys would be behind you hunting for the eatables. Best time to visit (Rainy season) you'll be disappointed with the place if there's less water in the river.
Rating 5/5
Manchanbele Dam
Just 35km, 25km from bangalore through mysore road and from there a sign board guides towards right and around 10km from there the road ends a pretty good place to hang out with family, friends etc Best time to visit (Rainy Season)
Rating 2.5/5
Thonoor Kere
Around 140km from bangalore through mysore road,Take a right before 8km from srirangapatna which leads to a small village.This place is another very good place to visit. Worth visiting after such a long drive. It's a huge dam with a very little beach kind of place. On the way just before reaching there is a flowing water from the dam which is the most attractive part of the place. Don't miss the lake which is on the way before the dam where you can go for boating as well. Best time to visit (Any time)
Rating 4/5 

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
Sai Baba temple is on mysore road around 20km from bangalore and 
nearly 4-5km inside after taking right from the sign board on mysore road. 
An amazing place where you would like to visit often. This temple was built 
recently few years back and since then have come a long way with improving 
infrastructure and  more and more people coming to visit.